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The Incredibly Accurate Journal Of One Sturgis P. Podmore

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February 8th, 1980

09:39 pm - So?
Is what I heard true? Did Barmy Barty get several Death Eaters with his gang?
Current Mood: pissed offincredulous

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September 2nd, 1979

08:37 pm
Why use the fucking journal when I can just see you lot at the meetings? If you ask me, these things the Weasley bloke came up with are just a load of rubbish. There is no good use for this beside the stupid ramblings of Black, Lupin and Potter. Honestly.

I know I was pretty fucking excited about this but fuck me, people are still dying. You're a smart one, Weasley!

Fuck all.

PS: Any of you have a fag?
Current Mood: boredbored

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July 16th, 1979

02:22 am
fuckingslut you know what I've figred it out and Ithink it was just a fucking pity service, I betif cried about myparents dyign everyone'd be atmy fucking feet damnit

I'm not fckingdrunk if thats what you're going to ask so back the fuck off.

longarsedyou have anywork right now I'm feelign rather useful atthe moment
Current Mood: bitchyfukc you

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June 19th, 1979

10:40 pm
Not that any of you care, but I'm all right again.

Apart from that, my place is not big enough to fit you lot in it. And I wouldn't like risking the other people who also live here, so forget about mime. I don't have a clue as to where we could do it either, and frankly? I don't care that much, since we can pretty much talk to each other here instead of actually meeting. Funny how it all ends up being the same as the normal meetings.

Except sometimes Moody isn't drunk now. Or anyone, really.

I've checked the south of Yorkshire while at work, no news there that would please you. I mean, you don't want to know about the brilliant new bar I've found. No sign of anything that could be considered as related to Death Eaters.

Therefore, I'll be gone now. I have a tight schedule to follow for the rest of the night.

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