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The Incredibly Accurate Journal Of One Sturgis P. Podmore

Sturgis P. Podmore
8 August
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alcohol in general, arithmancy, astronomy, august 8th, auror duty (obligatory interest), barmy barty, capricorn, charms used on this, cheap and expensive firewhiskey, choices, eagles, fags, february 29th, firewhiskey, flying, flying high, funny blokes, guarding, helping out aurors, hexes, hypothesis, keeping my options, keeping the family wisdom, kids, life, living in the streets?, lots of firewhiskey, lust, me, mysteries, not being an auror, not potions (notacookthankyouverymuch), options, quidditch (moderately), ravenclaw, riddles, risks, secretly enjoying auror duties, shagging, shooting, sweets, the order, the weasley lad, the year 2000, theories, there's more i'm sure, thesis, tieing up loose ends, trains, unhealthy ammounts of alcohol